Ballet dance is a classical and technical style of dance and is the foundation for all dance. Students will strengthen their core and embody their graceful sides through formalized steps, precision and patterns. Ballet allows students to express themselves in an orderly matter. Classes will emphasize technique and proper body alignment, as well as flexibility, strength, grace, coordination, musicality and performance quality. Students will also study ballet terminology and history.

We offer multiple levels of ballet based on your skill level and experience. The various levels of this class are listed below. Students who register for higher levels of Ballet, will take class twice a week. As students progress in their ballet training we also offer options for students to train in pointe where they will learn how to work on the tip of their toes. All levels excluding Pre-Pointe allow you to participate in the annual recital. 


Ballet I

Ballet II

Ballet III

Teen Ballet

Pre Pointe


Dress Code:


Solid Colored Leotard

Pink Tights

Pink Split Sole Ballet Shoes

Hair in Bun

No Skirts


Plain White T-Shirt

Black Sweatpants

Black Split Sole Ballet Shoes