Jazz dance is a style of dance which combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance. Jazz dance has students working on isolations and rhythm, learning to use their entire bodies while they move. Jazz allows students to both focus on technique but free their bodies while doing so.  

The various levels of this class are listed below and will be determined based on your skill level and experience. Students who register for higher levels of Jazz, will take class twice a week. If you register for this class, you can participate in the annual recital. 


Jazz I

Jazz II

Jazz III

Teen Jazz

Dress Code:


Solid Colored Leotard

Solid Colored Footed or Stirrup Tights (Level II & III need Convertible Tights)

Level I & II- Caramel Slip on Split Sole Jazz Shoes (Capezio #EJ2)

Level III- Body Wrappers Turners #621A TAN (Leather)

Hair in Bun


Solid Colored T-shirt

Solid Colored Sweatpants

Black Slip on Split Sole Jazz Shoes (Capezio #EJ2)