Tap Dance is a form of dance where students will use tap shoes to create sound and rhythm. The sound of the tap shoes is created by the metal taps on both the heel and toe of the shoe. Students will learn various amounts of steps and combinations to find the rhythm in their bodies. 

The various levels of this class are listed below, and will be determined based on your skill level and experience. If you register for this class, you can participate in the annual recital. 


Tap I

Tap II

Tap III 

Teen Tap

Dress Code:


Solid Colored Leotard

Solid Colored Footed Tights

Level I:

Level II: Capezio Black Split Sole Tap Shoes

Level III: Block Black Jason Samuels Tap Shoe

Hair in Bun


Solid Colored T-Shirt

Solid Colored Sweatpants

Capezio Black Split Sole Tap Shoes