Our Safety Precautions

Our Safety PrecautionsOur Safety Precautions
We want to constantly keep our dance families updated on our steps moving forward. We have opened back up for in studio classes while still having our virtual platform and option available to all.


Below please find some precautions that we are taking while in the studio:

  • All of our staff members will be required to wear a mask at all times while in the studio.
  • Students are to wash their hands with soap and water both before class and after class.
  • Dancers are required to wear masks at all times while in our studio. 
  • “Six-Feet-Safe” in the classrooms: The floor is marked to show dancers where to stand. Many of our little ones are familiar with having designated spots in the studio. 
  • Dance Boxes are taped out on the floors of each studio. 
  • Our studios will be wiped down, cleaned and disinfected before and after each class.
  • We have special disinfectant supplies, equipment and materials that we have been using to assure cleanliness and safety.
  • Our lobby area will be thoroughly disinfected throughout the day.
  • Upon our initial reopening, we will not be using our dressing rooms, dancers are to bring their dance bags into the studio and will have spots six feet apart for their belongings. Please limit the amount you bring into the studio.
  • We ask that dancers come dressed for class with the exception of shoe changing in which will be done six feet apart.
  • Social-Distancing upon entering & exiting the building.
  • Barres will be sprayed with disinfectant in between classes, if used at all.
  • Props will not be used in the beginning of our reopening.
  • Our restrooms will be disinfected at the beginning and end of the day and in between classes.
  • It is encouraged to bring your own water bottles.
  • Class times may be modified for transition times and to limit the number of people in the building.

• “Drop-Off” your dancer at the front entrance. To limit the number of people in the building, only students, staff and Faculty will be allowed in the studio. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this matter. For younger dancers, staff will greet dancers at the door to be sure they are under supervision at all times.
• Dancers will be greeted at the door, their temperatures will be taken, and they will be escorted to their classroom if needed.
• Teachers will assign each dancer their “Parking Spot” in the studio (for their belongings) & “Dancing Spot”.
• Pick up will be curbside and we will send our dancers out safely after taking their temperatures.

• If you are not comfortable with bringing your child to class, we will be offering your child the option to remain at home taking classes via Zoom as our teacher teaches class in the studio to the students who return.

• Any dancer feeling ill should stay home. (Fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc.)
• Any dancer living with a family member who is ill should stay home.
• If someone in your household works in healthcare, they must NOT have been caring for COVID-19 patients for a period of two weeks before you are allowed to attend class.
• Anyone who feels they cannot comply with all procedures should also stay home.

We are so very excited to return to classes at No Limits Performing Arts but we must insist that everyone take a very serious and cautious approach. We ALL want to stay safe & well! We are so thankful that you entrust your precious children to us; we love them as our own!

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!