Missed classes may only be made up by prior appointment in order to maintain the proper student-teacher ratio. If you know you are going to be absent from class, contact us in advance to arrange for a make up class within four weeks. NO REFUND WILL BE MADE FOR MISSED CLASSES. All make-up classes must be completed by April 1st. Please refer to No Limits Performing Arts calendar for vacation closings. Classes missed due to inclement weather may be made up in a class currently on the schedule. After any three of the same class is missed due to inclement weather, any further cancellations will have a make up class scheduled with the instructor. Cancellations by our staff will have a separate makeup class scheduled.

Due to the physical nature of dancing, should a child arrive more than 10 minutes late to class, they will only be allowed to observe for that day. This is not to "punish" the child, but to prevent physical injuries that can occur when the student is not properly warmed up.


We are offering 3 payment options this year. You can choose anyone you like. Please note that each child will have the first 4 classes from the time of registration to try the class. If you choose to discontinue coming at the end of the 4 classes we will stop all payments. If your deposit was larger than the cost of the 4 classes the balance will be returned. After the first 4 classes refunds, credits and/or discontinuing payments will no longer be possible. If you would like to put your account on hold or pause due to other activities, family events or any other reason you can do so for $20 a month, this will hold your child's spot in the class. If your child is unhappy in the class they are registered for we are happy to have them try another class to find the best fit for them. Once recital dances begin in March your child must stay in the class that they are registered for to ensure they are ready to take the stage in June.

We will Pro-rate tuition beginning November 1, 2024 for the pay in full and 4 installments payment options. The pay monthly will stay the same as the deposit amount due.*No Limits Performing Arts Studio RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CANCEL A CLASS OR SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS AS NECESSARY*